How Does Bisvision Work?


Bisvision is a strategy planning toolkit that you use to take a structured approach to developing a vision and strategy for your business.


The kit includes:

The Process


Bisvision takes you through a 3 - step process as you put together a vision and strategy for your business:

1. Where we are

2. Where we want to be

3. How we get there

The Cards


There are two sets of cards for ‘Where we are’– The Scan and Assess cards.


There’s one set of cards for ‘Where we want to be’ – The Vision cards.


There are two sets of cards for ‘How we get there’ – the Plan and Execute Cards.


Each of the 174 cards in the Bisvision toolkit asks you a question. Your job is to decide which questions are relevant for your business; and then come up with answers that make sense for you. See examples of the cards


Because Bisvision asks you questions rather than giving you answers, you’ll come up with a vision and strategy that is uniquely tailored to your business.


Bisvision Scribe Software


As you discuss each card, you record what you discuss in the Bisvision Scribe software that comes with the toolkit. When you’ve worked your way through the process, you can then export the content in the Bisvision Scribe as a Microsoft Word or plain text file. This means you come out of your planning session with a written strategic plan for your business.


Click here to see an example of what a Bisvision strategy looks like exported into Microsoft Word.


Bisvision flowchart - how it works




The cards




Bisvision Scribe software screenshot

For more pictures of the kit see the Bisvision Gallery.