Chartered Accountants Firm
Withers Tsang Limited is a chartered accountant firm based in Auckland New Zealand. We have a staff of 40 and provide mainly compliance-based services for our clients (completing end of year tax returns).


We recently used the Bisvision toolkit for a strategy-planning day. The kit helped the three partners in the firm to get very clear about our future direction. Using the questions cards we realized that though we want to grow as a business we do not want to grow the amount of compliance work that we do for customers. We clarified that we want to maintain our compliance work and grow a range of consulting services that we can offer to new and existing clients. The result for our business is a growth strategy that will provide exciting new challenges and development for people right across our firm.




Using the kit was a quick and easy way for the partners to get consensus on future direction for the firm.


Mark Withers
Withers Tsang